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The Cons Of Intaking Soft Drinks

Every household contains or holds a certain soft drink, from bottles of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, Fanta, or Miranda. These beverages are extremely harmful for our health yet we consume them unfathomably, constantly ignoring the fact that these drinks have no health benefits whatsoever, and have some serious negative influences on our bodies.

First and foremost, the high levels of carbonation, sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, sodium and excess calories. Hence the sugar or fructose found within these cans is at freakishly high peaks, and this allows for dehydration, but why so?

People tend to substitute water for soda cans, this creates imbalance in the amount of water and sugar your body should healthily intake, leaving you dehydrated due to the high sodium levels found within the soda, which induces water absorption from the cells, rendering your body with a much smaller amount of water, than needed naturally.

The high sugar content within the soda cans also has an extremely negative con, which is definitely improper and unhealthy weight gain induced by concentrated sugar.  A person, who weighs 65 kilos, must run for 25 minutes at 5.5 km/hour, and these numbers are to only burn off one single can of cola.

Additionally, of the larger and less identified harms of soda, is its ability to drain our bodies of calcium, due to the phosphoric acid found in soda, a factor which also induces kidney and heart problems, as well as muscle loss, and eventually osteoporosis.

Also, soda come in aluminum cans, and we consume those every single day, and in so many places around the world these cans are never recycled, and nothing is done for them on second hand, making them also a threat to the environment.

Soda has so many negative effects on our bodies, however this one is completely unnatural, and nerve wracking, sodas happen to contain pesticides. These pesticides damage the human nervous system, the reproduction system, and the immune system. So let’s all begin having healthy alternatives to this beverage, as it is in both the favor of our health and our environment to substitute this beverage with something more enjoyable, and more natural.

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