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The Discreet Self-Testing HIV Kit

One of the health phenomenons or more likely outbreaks that most affected our lives today is HIV. HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus, it is a virus that is able to cause an HIV infection, and over a prolonged period of time develops into an immunodeficiency syndrome. What an immunodeficiency syndrome does to your body, is paralyze the body’s immunity rendering it unable to fight back against viruses, tumors, cancers, or threatening infections.

HIV is a virus that can unfortunately spread through blood transfusion, sexual intercourse, or the improper use of needles or syringes from HIV positive source. HIV is a virus to which medicine has not yet found a cure. Even getting tested for HIV was a hassle that included visiting the Laboratory, sampling a blood test, and waiting for five consecutive days in order to receive the results.

Today, we have learned of a state of the art shift in the medical industry regarding HIV. Since it is so hard to detect, scientists have developed a self- testing kit for HIV which one is able to use at home.

The self testing HIV kit is able to give the user 99.7% accurate results, it consists of a little needle, that you pinch your finger with, and then this little sample of blood, is studied by the detector, and it gives a positive or negative result. Positive results however are to be confirmed by a doctor or professional, as individuals who have positive results should seek immediate attention in order to understand the stage at which HIV is.

On a side note, this self testing HIV kit is able to identify the presence of HIV antibodies three months post-exposure to the infection. The test is now available in the United Kingdom, and it is available online only, since it allows for the testing to be as discreet as possible, and it may be done at home very easily.

This initiative is a great one for the medical industry; however we need to begin seeking for answers and finding the real cure for this sad, and life threatening disease.

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