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The World Aquatics Championship 2023 To Happen In Qatar

Some great news has come our way regarding Doha, and we feel thrilled to share this information with you today. After the FINA executive committee met, and voted in Budapest, Qatar has been chosen to host the 2023 World Aquatics Championship.

This decision came after a bid where multiple countries took part, offering their own proposals, and of these countries Qatar was the one chosen, to host this great event. Japanese city of Fukuoka will be hosting the World Aquatics Championship in 2021, since this event happens every two years.

The Qatar Government vowed to work with a strong commitment from official authorities to properly implement and host this world championship. It is needless to say that Doha will be prominently dealing with this championship especially given the state of the art stadiums, sports cities, and academies that hold world class stadiums designated for such global events.

Doha has previously been host to the 2014 short course swimming championship, an event that was a great success. This is the first ever time, where a Middle Eastern country hosts the World Aquatics Championship.

Budapest will hold the 2017 World Aquatics Championship, and South Korea will host the 2019 edition of the event.

We are so happy to see Qatar being recognized on a global scale as a sports capital, especially given the countless initiatives that this country has set forth to pursue on the level of health, fitness, and sports.

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