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Weighing In On Owning A Car Vs. Public Transportation

We use cars, trains, busses, metros, trams, and bicycles to get ourselves places. Transportation is an issue every single individual faces upon the brink of adulthood. When our mothers and fathers stop dropping us off, we either opt for purchasing a car, or we opt for relying on public transportation, today we have made a list to weigh in on the pros and cons of owning a car, versus the pros and cons of public transportation.

The purpose, is to give our readers some insight on the best alternative, is it private transportation or public transportation?

Public Transport Pros: Private Transport Pros:
Greener and more eco-friendly, less waste generated. Safety and personal security
It is much cheaper than owning a car, on the level of finance. Convenience
No maintenance is required. Ease of travel
Less time wasted since one can do something useful like read a book. Long lasting and reliable
It is more versatile, includes taxi, buses, trains.  
Public Transport Cons: Private Transportation Cons:
Ticket prices are subject to modification. Cost of insurance, gas, and maintenance
Poor customer service can be a downside. Parking space issues
Rush hour inconvenience Time consuming
Delays and unpredictability Higher risk of accidents
Reduced personal security Damaging to the environment
No privacy Damaging to health, as it reduces our need to walk distances

Honestly we think this issue depends on a person’s residence and the ease of public transportation in that said country, however we hope this little list has served its use on helping our readers make up their minds.

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