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The Qatar Stone Tech 2016

On the 9th of May 2016, a great event will debut in Qatar, and it will last until the 12th of May 2016. The Qatar Stone Tech Show will be the highlight of the hour at The Doha Exhibitions and Convention Center. So we asked to learn more about this event as it had seemed to us like a landmark for our friends from the construction industry.

The event in its 5th edition will shed light on Qatar’s state of the art construction industry, the event will be host to a global presence of regional, international suppliers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and agents in the field of stone technology and its affiliation with the construction industry.

Consequently, this event will happen along with Project Qatar construction fait covering many industries in this sector as well, the event is also aligned with yet another headline conference Heavy Max 2016, displaying heavy machinery for the industry.

The conference will also include some great talks by industry influencers, discussing subjects such as future landscapes and the public realm, as well as light technology, drainage network, and many more.

The previous edition of this event attracted 2100 exhibitors, from 47 countries, and 48,953 visitors. This year’s edition includes 41,500 square meters of exhibition space, 2,500 square meters of outdoor exhibition space, and a parking with the capacity to hold 3,200 cars.

We are looking forward to this year’s event, and we hope to hear of some state of the art innovation in this industry that can render the world into a more eco-conscious place.

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