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Rise Above Lebanon: An Ode To A Young & Beautiful Lebanon

A few days ago, an amazing video surfaced the web. It went viral within hours, so since it was all over our timeline, we decided to check it out, and to our surprise it ended up being the best thing we saw all day. The video is a Two Wheels across Production, commissioned by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, and Live Love Lebanon.

The video took five months of consecutive filming, spanning from June up till November. The aim was to encourage domestic as well as international tourism, and to clearly portray the beauty, diversity, and wealth of Lebanon.

The Lebanese areas featured in this video are Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the South, the North, the Bekaa, and Baalbek. It features areas of rural beauty, urban life, cultural and touristic monuments, as well as rushes from Lebanese summer festivals.

This video is a beautiful portray of Lebanon and how it really is for the youth living in Lebanon. The media constantly focuses on the political tension, and the regional instability that gives away at the situation in Lebanon, however this video serves as a reminder of the reasons for which the Lebanese people survive and endure such political instability without the need to flee.

Truth is, Lebanon possesses one of the most beautiful landscapes, monuments, history, and diversity, and this is the reason for which the Lebanese youth love Lebanon so dearly.

This video was launched through the Instagram account @riseabovelebanon, gather 8000 organic followers within house, in addition to 500,000 views in 24hours. This five minute video, is also compiled into a photography book, with a series of aerial footage taken for the purpose of the video, and the book.

The soundtrack to this picturesque view of Lebanon was composed by Karim Khneiser, and the color grading by Bilal Hibri. This initiative represents the true face of Lebanon which the Lebanese people wish to portray, an image of beauty, history, legacy, and nature.

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  • Christian Ghammachi
    February 9, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Thank you for the lovely Blog.
    Thank you also for mentioning the team behind this work, but it is worth noting then that the Editing was done by no other than Sebastien Leclercq.

    Christian Ghammachi

    • Melissa Chamoun
      February 9, 2016 at 1:32 pm

      The initiative made deserves praise, and this is why we appreciate it so much!
      We hope to always see such picturesque imagery intricately executed by young talents.
      Thank you for your feedback!