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Zalipie Poland: A Hand Painted Village Of Floral Artwork

We recently learned of a beautiful remote location in Europe, which is completely and utterly secluded. Today we will introduce you to the village of Zalipie, in Southeastern Poland, home to a charmingly beautiful tradition.

During earlier times, and exactly one century ago, the women of this village began painting their houses in a very nontraditional ways; this began when they noticed the dark spots, and residue of smoke around their chimney holes.

Back then they used spots of soot along with whitewash, using primitive ingredients, making their own pain, and brushes.

When a woman painted her house, and some friends came over, the visitors fell in love with the colors, and flowers, and decided to paint their own houses. This is how this lovely tradition came to life.

The village of Zalipie hosts an annual competition where predominantly, women participate, by painting new walls in their homes, and retouching the older paintings.

This village is also host to an annual spiritual festival, an even bigger reason to colorfully decorate more houses.

Zalipie has become a landmark, even coloring bridges, chicken and dog houses, as well as their bins. This little initiative has become so intensely beautiful, and has made a gorgeous impact on this little village. The colors of the houses have made these people’s lives so much more beautiful, dynamic, and artful! We salute this initiative.


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