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60 New Parks Scheduled To Open In Qatar By 2017

Within the coming couple of years, Qatar is giving itself one huge natural facelift. How? Well, given the pace at which things are going in Qatar for now, we believe they are moving at an exponential speed, perfectly becoming more and more prone to the goods of nature, health, and practical living.

The Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning in Doha announced that during the year that SIXTY, yes you heard it right! SIXTY new parks are set to open between the year 2016 and 2017.

The government is focusing on areas with fewer gardens, and parks. Their aim is to increase natural landscapes, and greenery within the Qatari premises. During 2016, twelve parks are said to open, and the remaining will open during the coming year.

The parks are either being renovated, or they will be developed from scratch. They are opting for a theme park concept, and each of the parks takes the shape of a snail, a paint brush, or a leaf.

Some of the parks will have adequate play areas, while two of the 12 parks opening in 2016 will include water games, specifically focusing on allowing family privacy, and giving individuals a proper space to interact with their friends and family, see some beautiful trees, and spend some time in nature.

What is also super cool is the fact that they will also include some free wifi! This is such an amazing thing to happen, we hope to visit every single one of them.

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