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Emily McDowell: Making Honest And Real Event Cards

When a person close to you is going through a rough time, and specifically through an illness, the hardest thing you can do is console them, so one tends to resort to the easies means, sending flowers and a crappy get well soon card. However, today we will tell you a touching story, of a woman who has changed the course of sending one’s best to another person.


Emily McDowell was 24 years old when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she went through some severe treatment, consisting of six months in chemotherapy, and another six weeks in radiation. Naturally she received plenty of get well soon cards. After having recovered, she worked in the advertising industry for around ten years.


After leaving the industry, she got an idea for an awkward dating card, and then found a little printing shop near her home. She designed the card, printed 100 copies, and posted it on her personal Etsy store. The cards sold out in no time, and she went on to sell 1700 copies of this card.

This became this woman’s dedication, and business, she went on to design condolence cards that do not suck! The point behind the concept she created was to change the way we make cards. Rather than making cards for relationships we wished we had, she made cards for the relationships we actually have.

This is a brilliant initiative, so genuine and personal, check out Emily’s Etsy collection here.


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