What to know

The Blue-Q Soap An Extremely Creative & Conscious Product

Some brands use their advertising to say certain things about their products. However today we are bringing you a state of the art product meant to entertain, and yet let people benefit from their amazing products. This product goes by the name of Blue-Q Soap.

The concept, is using slang, offensive, or yet honest words for the packaging of soap. However this soap is not just any bar, or liquid soap. This product is exclusively made with 100% pure vegetable base, as well as essential oils, and some natural scent combinations such as chamomile, lavender, and mint.

The people making this cute product consider themselves to be “proud designers and manufacturers of life improving, joy giving, soap!”, and if you visit their website about us section all it would ever say to you is “we just want you to be happy.”

What is also extremely conscious about this concept is the fact that individuals with and without disabilities work hand in hand to provide their clients with some amazing natural products.

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