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About That 40,000$ Airline Ticket By Etihad Airways

What is the most expensive trip you have ever taken? We have recently come to learn that the most expensive trip in the world is actually the result of Etihad Airway’s launch of their concept The Residence.

The Residence is a concept developed by Etihad Airways and it consists of nine new 1st class apartments, on board their Airbus A380. The Residence allows you to experience luxury travel, through an exclusive apartment up in the skies.

The cost for a flight so comfortable, and luxurious does not come simple, to take a flight through The Residence one requires a plane ticket of 40,000 USDs. However this commercial flight is unlike any other, it provides its guests access to a true luxury travel experience.

The suite provided to this guest includes access to a private concierge, a gourmet chef, and an academy trained butler, also comes with a full length bed, and separate reclining seats, 64 inch wide sliding doors, a mini bar, vanity area, wardrobe, and television monitor, and an en-suit shower room.

It is basically a three room suite on a commercial airline, probably the most luxurious thing one can ever see, so for those who are able to afford it, it is definitely a luxury worth questioning.

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