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Drone 100: An Amazing Record Breaking Initiative By Intel


Intel is known for innovation and for their brilliant and state of the art approach to technology. So during the past month of November and during the CES 2016 Keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich revealed their brilliant Guiness World Record breaking project.

Intel, released 100 Drones into the sky, dancing and creating shapes, colors, lights completely synced with a state of the art orchestra; which resulted in a moving spectacle of art and technology combined.


The company experimented, and filmed the drones in Hamburg. Dubbed Drone 100, the spectacle set a Guinness World Record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously. This initiative aims at reinventing the age of fireworks, which redefine the fireworks experience without the inherent risks of traditional pyrotechnics.

The concept is absolutely moving, we feel this is exactly the manner at which visual arts should be manifested, this has created a completely new branch of art, and of light installations, not only were they mid air creating harmonious shapes through what Intel’s Spixel or space pixel.

Intel’s project is absolute magic, and it is an initiative that aims at revolutionizing the things we love to see; a step in the right direction for the giants.

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