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About Those Recently Released Game of Thrones Teasers

Until the return of Game of Thrones in April 24, fans of the show will be waiting impatiently. Meanwhile, GoT’s marketing team has already started releasing teasers for the show’s returning season.

The intrigue surrounding the show has already started since the end of season 5, especially that this time both fans of the book and the show are left high and dry, looking for the slightest hints and the smallest shreds of hope.

The new teasers released on Game of Throne’s Twitter account did not reveal anything substantial, since they didn’t contain new footage or even images of the upcoming season.

Instead, fans of the series were asked to send a tweet to @GameOfThrones using one of three hashtags #HouseLannister, #HouseStark, or #HouseTargaryen. They would eventually receive a teaser video based on their choice with Twitter’s auto-reply feature.

The 25 second-videos weren’t honestly all that remarkable as they each contained one of the House flags with a voice-over. The House Lannister video featured the High Sparrow saying: “Every one of us is poor and powerless. And yet together, we can overthrow an empire.” with subtle shouts of ‘Shame’ in the background, in allusion to Cersei’s walk of shame in season 5. In the House of Targaryen video, we could hear a Dothraki threatening “You are nothing, the millionth of you name. Queen of nothing.” It is, of course, a suggestion to the new challenge Daenerys will have to face in the new season. In the House of Stark teaser, we could hear Ramsay Bolton say: “Winterfell is mine. Come and see.” Another outcome to be revealed when the show returns.

Now, as much as we love Game of Thrones and any entertaining materials they might release from now until April, we were hoping for some real hints and more serious teasing but we guess there’s plenty of time until the much-awaited date.




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