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Souq Al Haraj An Awesome Project In Doha Due Mid 2017

I have recently come to hear of an amazing project becoming more concrete in Doha Qatar. The project consists of recreating the Qatari vintage second hand market, and turning it into a prominent area, for shopping, residential apartments, and for hotels, and tourism.

The concept goes by the name of Souq Al Haraj, which will be set to open around midyear 2017. The project will consist of a 78,000 square meter mall, where individuals are able to lease spaces, for around 54 Qatari Riyals per square meter, with around 324 units to be leased. The locale will also include a basement for cargo, as well as 3,200 parking spots.

The mall will mainly sell household goods, carpets, furniture appliances, and is an amazing place for people who love bargain hunting.

The mall is designed to sustain the spirit of old Qatari architecture, and it will preserve the historic value of the Qatari Second Hand Market. Al Faisal Holding, the developers of this project expressed: “Souk Al Haraj aims to generify the concept, and turn it into a residential area.”

This initiative is truly heartwarming to learn of, because through initiatives like this, Qatar is able to increasingly preserve its rich heritage.

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