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The Blacklist: A Must See Netflix Series

I have recently begun watching this new series, and as it turns out it is amazingly binge worthy. To my amazement I hadn’t really heard of this series yet, and to my luck it was extremely action packed, compelling, entertaining, and exciting.

I literally began watching the first episode and I was stuck! The series is called The Blacklist, and it stars James Spader as a former United States Navy Officer, turned high profile criminal, and becomes one of the most wanted fugitives and criminals in the world.

He personally decides to turn himself over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, however refuses to negotiate with anyone besides one Elizabeth Keane, a rookie FBI profiler, during her first day on the job.

Spader guides the FBI, onto his very own list of notorious criminals, and manages to help the FBI capture them in return for his immunity.

Critics highly praised Spader’s performance in this series, and honestly we could not help but give credit where credit is due, his performance was interesting, provocative, compelling and highly entertaining.

So far three seasons have been released, and it has been confirmed that the series will continue to air for its fourth season.

This series is definitely on our must watch list, and luckily it is streaming on Netlflix.

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