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Balmesan: Delivering The Fruits of Doha’s Port

So while we were touring The Pearl we had to notice an amazing locale found in The Pearl’s Porto Arabia, this restaurant is known as Balmesan. The name was chosen due to the old port area of Doha with some of the most dynamic fishing activity.

The location of Balmesan is in the busiest part of Doha, it includes an amazing terrace with a spectacular view.

Balmesan offers the freshest sea food, in Doha. Their menu is extremely diverse and super delicious, of the things they serve, and have on the menu are soup, hot and cold appetizers, salad bar, chef’s specials, in addition to chicken, beef, pasta, deserts, juice, and cocktails.

Balmesan, is famous for its fresh seafood. The serve some amazing Qatari specialties, of which include, scallops, salmon, squid, mussels, crab, lobster, and sizzlers. In addition to that they have their own in house specialties, which are dubbed Catch of The Shipmaster, as well as Balmesan’s Catch of The Day.

The locale is really an amazing place to indulge in fresh sea food, and enjoy a good evening out on their refreshingly beautiful terrace, definitely a recommended place.

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