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Taxi Fabric: An Amazing Concept Cab On The Streets Of Mumbai

A super sweet concept has recently launched itself in India’s Mumbai. We have never really visited India, however we felt that this initiative, is something lovely to bring to our readers.

Taxis are a piece of Mumbai’s cultures, the country is over flooded with taxis and they are a primary means of transportation. However a new initiative has been launched in Mumbai, giving taxis a different flair, and a feel we wish to see everywhere.

A taxi company, has made it their mission, to re-create the interiors of public taxis, and refurbish them with Indian designer’s textile art, in order to revive them, and make them into individual works of art.

Every taxi has a different story, and each story comes from an individual belief, feeling, story, anecdote, or memory. These designs are inspired by the people of India, and their aim is to make the lives of Indian people more colorful, more impressive, and more vivid.

We are in love with what we have discovered about this concept, it is completely unthought-of, completely fresh, and it is something memorable, when an individual decides to call this taxi, they leave with a wonderful and mesmerizing experience, of colors and creativity, much like India itself.

To check out the stories behind each and every one of these designs, visit the Taxi Driver website.

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