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Understanding Our Avid Love Of Coffee

A lot has been said about coffee so much that coffee lovers have created over time their own language to express their love and/or addiction to coffee. We all have heard about ‘coffeeology’ and ‘coffeeholic’ but what about the actual reasons why people love coffee.

1 – Because It’s a universal love

You may argue that not every single person on earth loves coffee but a lot of people do and when they meet, they love to talk about it. Their conversations usually revolve around where they had the best coffee so far or a great coffee place to hang out.

2 – … because they love chatting with friends over coffee

What would friends’ heart-to-heart be without the opening expression ‘let’s meet for coffee’? And where do F.R.I.E.N.D.S. casts meet unless at their famous ‘Central Perk’. The fictional coffee place eventually became a real place in 2014 to mark the series 20th anniversary.

3 – Because everyone craves coffee breaks … even those who don’t like coffee

What comes after lunch breaks? … COFFEE BREAKS! And what would coffee breaks be without…. Coffee! So even if you are super busy take, some 15 minutes off work to relax with colleagues. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your tasks for the day.

4 – Because it comes in different shapes, sizes, tastes and its strength  

There’s no warm drink or refreshment as diversified as coffee, and coffee lovers will find various kinds of coffees to satisfy their cravings from the espressos to the Café Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos and the other creations you will find at coffee shops. You can take decide to take it strong or decaf depending on your caffeine need. ‘How would you like to take your coffee?’ can sometimes a difficult question to answer.

5 – Because it makes people look smarter

Most people who love coffee are workaholics, intellectuals and creative minds. They are the action people and they need their drink to keep them going during the day.


At the end, coffee is great to keep you concentrated during the day. Just remember to drink it responsibly because it can have some side effects on your health.




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