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How Much Chili Is Too Much Chili

Spices are supposed to be spicy, however one spice, or rather vegetable is able to give us that raw super hot effect, this spice is chili. Some people speculate that chili is bad for us; other individuals find multiple benefits in chili. The truth is, chili is like any other form of food, if consumed properly it can have many benefits, and if consumed without limit it can cause some serious damage.
Chili consumption can either be good or bad depending on the amount of chili one consumes, with regard to the weather, season, time, and location. If one has a hot body constitution, then it is preferable not to consume chili.
What can chili do if over consumed under the wrong circumstances?
• Cause face redness
• Abundant perspiration
• Dry mouth
• Heart palpitation
• Dry skin
• Dry eyes
• Dark urination
• Bloating
• Constipation
• Anxiety
• Pimples and zits
However, if consumed with caution, chili is able to:
• Clear fluid retention
• Helps speed metabolism
• Helps expel dampness
• Helps weight loss
• Aids joint paint and arthritis
One fact we must take into consideration about chili is:
• Chili does not cause gastric ulcers, ulcers are actually caused by bacteria due to the consumption of pain killers, or non-steroidal, or anti-inflammatory medication.

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