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Our Thoughts On “The Revenant”

Lately there has been a huge hype over the film The Revenant, it has been so far nominated for TWELVE Oscars. Yes, you heard it right, TWELVE! These Oscar nominations include: Best Actor in a Leading Role for Leonardo Dicaprio, Best Picture, Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Tom Hardy, Film Editing, Make Up and Hair Styling, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Direction For Alejandro Inaritu, Best Costume Design, and in Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and the category of Visual Effects.
So upon the film’s release, we headed to the movies to see what the fuss is about. So many Oscar nominations, and three Golden Globe wins, the first for Leonardo Dicaprio, for the leading role, best picture for the film, and best direction for Alejandro Inaritu, so we booked our seats, and we began watching.
From the brink of the opening scene, you realize this film is meant to make you feel things; it forces you to open your eyes and see the grandeur of nature, see the significance for which the first people fought.
The nature alone in this film will give you chills, even if one ignores the powerful message behind this feature film, one should always manage to regard the picturesque imagery with uttermost awe.
The story is compelling, and extremely moving, with a humanitarian message one should carry after seeing this gorgeous picture.
This film is a gift to the viewer; it is to us a message, given with uttermost beauty, and a picturesque value of nature, and earthly wonder, a definite must see, and practically one of the best contenders for this year’s Oscar awards.

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