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The Rarest Skin & Eye Color Found Among People

Everyone is beautiful, and everyone is born different, everyone is unique. No two individuals have the exact same features, and that is the beauty of people, you begin finding beauty in their faces no matter what color their eyes are, or how bright their smiles are. So today, we aren’t talking about physical or emotional beauty, we are talking about rarity, and the rarest skin, and eye color in the world.

Rarest Hair Color:

  • Black is the most common with 64% of the world’s population having black hair, as it is a dominant color for Caucasians, Asians, Black, and Latino people.
  • Brown hair is sported by 13% of the world’s population.
  • Auburn hair which is a mixture of red, and brown, is carried by 7% of the world’s population.
  • Grey hair, which includes children with grey hair, and not aging individuals consist of 4% of the world’s population.
  • White hair which occurs in albinos only holds a 2.5% percentile of the world’s population.
  • Blonde hair includes 2% of the world’s population, and blonde is considered as the shades of ash, strawberry blonde, and flaxen.
  • Red hair is by far the rarest hair color with only 1.5% of people having red hair, basically individuals in Scotland and Ireland.

Rarest eye color:

  • Brown eyes 55%
  • Hazel eyes 8%
  • Amber eyes (yellow copper tone) 5%
  • Blue eyes 8%
  • Green eyes 2%
  • Some individuals have silver, red, and purple eye colors, and these are the rarest forms, however naturally individuals with green eyes are considered to have the rarest eye color.

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