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The Major Exhibitions Happening In Doha Within The Coming Months

So many events are happening in Doha in the coming year, so many conferences, so many workshops, and so many talks. Within the coming weeks we will bring you a series of articles, depicting the best in this year’s events and conferences happening in Doha.

First off, within the month of February, The Liberal Arts International Conference, happening at Texas A & M University, offering talks and workshops on the subject of perspectives of the environment, as well as methodological challenges in social sciences.

The second conference happening in Doha, is the Façade Design, and Engineering Middle East, a conference organized by the IQPC Middle East, from the 22nd of February until the 23rd of February. The conference will feature talks on sustainable culture specific facades for certain climate conditions, as well as demonstrating available technologies, in order to create state of the art building envelopes.

The third conference we bring to you today is the Arab Future Cities Summit, happening at the Ritz- Carlton in Doha, from the 11th of April until the 12th. Organized by Expo-trade Australia, for the purpose of encouraging cross learning among developers, architects, urban planning experts, as well as policy professionals, and the government; the conference will include some talks about smart city development, and proper technological deployment.

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