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Laughter Yoga & It’s Benefits

A few weeks ago, our office organized a planned trip for the entire group. The day was a surprise and it happened to include an interesting activity that I had tried then for the first time. That activity was laughter yoga. A teacher came in, she introduced us to the concept, and then she went on to create a joyful mood for everyone in the garden.

At first it felt bizarre, nothing funny was really happening, however everyone seemed to be laughing, and as you all might feel, laughter, induces more laughter; which is extremely interesting given the fact that in reality you knew there was nothing super hilarious going on.

The trick in laughter yoga is to induce laughter yourself, because when a human being laughs, they lower their stress levels, and the body doesn’t really recognize if the laughter you are feeling is genuine, hence you release some good hormones that regulate blood pressure, and lower stress levels.

Laughter yoga also influences our mental health very positively; it also supplies the brain with oxygen, and helps us feel more energetic.

Overall as a corporate thing for individuals to do, this is a great group building activity, and in matters of benefits, it is an amazing thing therapeutic thing for both the body and a soul, so we really advise you to give it a try!

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