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Outdoor Activities To Indulge In When Visiting Qatar

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy in Qatar and not all of them are indoors. Here are some of the outdoor activities that you can try while you are in Doha.

Desert trips

Since Qatar mostly consists of a desert terrain, there is a number of desert-centric activities to enjoy in the country. Taking a desert safari tour is one of them during which you can escape the city to climb up and down the dunes in 4-wheel drive vehicles. Some tours offer a visit to Khor Al-Adaid (the inland sea), camping and sand skiing.


The country offers a large number of well-maintained parks that make great spots for picnics and for kids to play. You can almost find one in each neighborhood and the major parks are open for everyone. The most known ones are: Aspire Park, Museum of Islamic Art Park, Sheraton Park, Al Rumaila Park and Al Muntazah Park.

Horse riding

Qatar and Arab countries have always been known for horse riding and breeding of Arab stallions. In Qatar, you can find several equestrian clubs like Al Shaqab Riding Club and Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre that offer lessons for children and adults on all levels. You can also take a visit to the clubs’ stables and get a glimpse at some pure Arab stallions.


Watersports and diving are very popular activities in Qatar, giving that it is a peninsular country surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. Clubs like Poseidon Diving Centre, Qatar Scuba Centre and Qatar Divers offer lessons in scuba diving for kids and adults, whether at a beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Dhow rides or cruises

Dhows are the traditional Qatari fishing boats, used in the past by merchants and fishermen, that you can find anchored along the Corniche or the Doha Harbor. Rides and cruises are a popular activity in Doha around sunset to enjoy the city skyline from the water. The rides are made available by dhow captains that you can approach and bargain for a fee.




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