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Netflix’s Original Series Making a Murderer Review

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours recommended a Netflix original series by the name of Making a Murderer. At the beginning we did not feel compelled to check it out, however and within the following couple of days our news stream began becoming loaded with the subject of Steven Avery, the protagonist of the series Making a Murderer.

After weeks of looking at headlines, I decided to take a shot, and watch the first episode, and the story was so captivating I felt compelled to finish the entire first season. So this series depicts a true story, happening throughout the course of ten years. This story is that of Steven Avery a man convicted and charged with rape, and incarcerated for eighteen years, later on Steven Avery is exonerated on the basis of new evidence. A few years later, and when Steven Avery was suing for compensation, he was again convicted and charged with the murder of a reporter, along with his then sixteen year old nephew. Both Steven Avery, and Brendan Dassey are still incarcerated, on charges that most individuals believe were set up, and fabricated. The convictions have major holes in them, and the evidence was said to be tampered with by the corrupt police force back then.

After the release of this series, a petition was signed by 128,000 individuals, and this petition was presented to President Obama and the white house, in purpose of pardoning Steven Avery. The White House responded that it had no authority to act in a state case.

The series points out some major flaws in the way individuals deal with such matters, specifically when we have a pre-conceived misconception of a person, and how this results in some sad and unfortunate events.

The first episode of Making a Murderer was posted on Youtube, and the entire series is available to stream on Netflix. This is as unprecedented move which Netflix has never before done to any on their previously released original series.

You can find the first episode on Youtube, or binge watch the first season on Netflix.


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