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About That Hour On The Television Set

What defines us as individuals, is it the content we have in our minds, is it the value of the clothes we have on our backs, or is it our ethics, or our opinions and world views. One item, which is found in every household, tends to shape the opinions and thoughts of millions of individuals all over the world, this item, as you may have expected, is a television.

A television set, is an item we perceive as a source of information, however how well resonated is this information? How filtered is it? How opinionated is it? Is it even true? Relevant? Correct? Ethical?

We believe in information and in the power that data can give, so we made a list of things, that help you figure out whether or not your time on the television set, is nearly useful.

Television, tends to give us news, and this news is received by the viewer according to a set of words used by the news agency, hence any political orientation for a certain news source on television, can unjustly inflict a wrongful opinion.

If you ask anyone, a lawyer, a doctor, or a law enforcement agent, how their job resembles the doctors, lawyers, or police we see on television, their answer would be absolutely nothing, as it has no relevance to the actual concrete cases that these individuals encounter. These people’s lifestyles are misrepresented, and for very apparent reasons, individuals see these lifestyles as they would assume them to be in reality.

Advertising shapes our spending habits, it shapes our perception of the use of an item, it basically shapes our choices, and the things we buy. Bottom line, looking at advertisements each day impairs our perception of needs, and desires, and hence we end up purchasing an item, because their television ad was so damn convincing.  So there you have it, television induces some overspending habits we can all avoid.

Information is online, it is in books, it is in magazines, it is everywhere, and our pursuit of this information, allows us to become more prone to objectivity. There is nothing worse than a machine robbing us of our own will to learn information, it is a passive act, that serves at giving the viewer the information that their subjective source has already collected, and giving it back with the same amount of subjectivity.

Our only solution is our personal will, and ability to filter our sources of information, and to learn how to make use of them efficiently.

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