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How To Know When You Are Making A Smart Buy

We spend our lives consuming things, buying things, renting things, and using things, bottom line, in our lifetime we tend to buy much more than we need, and that poses quite a problem, because when we buy things we do not need  we are definitely wasting money, energy, time, and efficiency. Hence we need to figure out a scope, in order to categorize smart purchases, from idiotic purchases.

So we rounded up a few questions, which a person should ask themselves, before proceeding to the counter with an item. These questions should go as listed below, and in order for us to be making a smart purchase, then the answers to these questions should be equally relevant, else the item at question would be a foul buy.

  • What value does this item add to my life?
  • Do I already own a similar item to this?
  • What is the difference between items similar to this one, and this item?
  • What is the unique factor about this item?
  • Is the price of this item, worth the quality? Are value and price balanced?
  • How was this item made?
  • Is this item made with ethical testing, or products? (Animal fur…)
  • Is this the best deal I can get on this item?
  • Does this item solve a problem?
  • How often will I use this item?

As long as one is able to answer these questions efficiently, and if one has relevant answers, then the purchase would be equally as relevant, smart buying should start becoming a thing!

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