What to know

On The Physical Benefits of Music

“Where words leave off, music begins.” – Heinrich Heine

Music is for the soul more than anything else, it is an innate need that none of us know that we actually need. The lack of music means the lack of rhythm, the lack of harmony, the lack of spirit, because bottom line, music does bring these things into each of our lives. Today, we have done some research, and we have come up with a list of things that music can do for us, and more specifically classical and non-lyrical music. It goes like this:

  • Music increases our physical performance abilities.
  • It improves our quality of sleep.
  • Music boosts brain power.
  • Music improves an irregular or grumpy mood.
  • It lowers stress levels drastically.
  • Music helps fight depression.
  • Music works at enhancing mental alertness.
  • Music enhances a person’s memory.
  • It improves creativity, and enhances a creative block.
  • Music improves visual attention.
  • It enhances reasoning skills, and practical thinking.
  • Music enhances our motor skills.
  • Music is also known to regulate blood pressure.

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