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A Peek At The Qatar National Library

Lately we have had the opportunity to discover so much about Qatar, and during this quest, we have so far been impressed with the unprecedented art scene in Qatar. The Qatari government and its institutions have been extremely active with regard to education, the arts, culture, and learning in general. With that culture, The Qatar National Library came to life.national_lilbrary_qatar_1

Qatar’s National Library is a Non Profit Organization, working under the arm of the Qatar Foundation. The Library emerged from a previous concept called Dar Al Kutub, or what translates to the Home of Literature, the first ever public library to open in the Arab Gulf. On the 50th anniversary of Dal Al Kutub in November of the year 2012, Qatar Foundation announced its inauguration of the Qatar National Library.

The Qatar National Library is located at Qatar’s Education City, on the outskirts of Doha. The library includes a university and research library dedicated to students, and supporting the education and research of the students, or researchers. The National Library, which includes global knowledge on Doha’s heritage, and it, is a means for heritage preservation. The Metropolitan Public Digital Library, which includes public services and information available to absolutely everyone, the aim of this library is to make everyone information literate. The library also includes a dedicated Children’s Library, as well as three hundred desktop computer stations, as well as some media and digital production facilities, performance theaters, cafes, and even an adaptive technology center.

The initiative is brilliant, and the lengths at which the Qatar Foundation is excelling to provide quality education to QNL Image 1its citizens, is just absolutely marvelous, we hope to keep seeing such brilliant initiatives.


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