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The Hateful Eight Film Review

It has been months since we have been waiting for Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, hi eighth film actually, which is titled The Hateful Eight. This film has been so anticipated, people were counting the days, and I was one of them, every single one of Tarantino’s pictures is unique, and edgy in its own way, however this film marked a standpoint for the director. Initially the script was leaked, a factor that made people speculate whether the film giant was going to go through with completing the picture, or will the director shock us, and keep us longing for a new film.


So The Hateful Eight was released, and happily on the night of its release, we had the opportunity to see the film. To tell you the truth, we never leave the theater disappointed with this man’s films. The film was hilarious, it was entertaining, it was smart, it was witty, and super energetic. We loved what this film gave its viewers, and now that we have seen this brilliant masterpiece, we have to wait a bit longer and see what is in store for us, with Tarantino’s next and ninth film.


And not to forget, the film has a cast of amazing individuals, from Samuel L. Jackson, to Kurt Russel, and the Oscar Nominee Jennifer Jason Lee, a role for which she also won a Golden Globe award for.

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