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Katara: A Cultural Village

Art, theater, literature, film, and music are the main constituents that validate the true culture and riches of a people. Art in all its forms is constantly practiced, and showcased, however few are the times at which art gains the recognition it deserves. Qatar, has found a way to sustain, and encourage its local talent, and by doing so it holds a mighty strength that allows for international artists to show their work in Doha.


Katara, is the initiative that Qatar has brought forth in attempt to globalize, and extend the Qatari art scene, and hence enhance their stance among countries with intellectual riches.

Katara is not just a concept, it was concretely built into a state of the art full on cultural village, which includes an amphitheater, an opera house, a cinema, souk, and conference halls. Katara also includes a public art venue, as well as presence for multiple art oriented organizations, such as the Theater Society, Qatar’s Music Academy, Qatar Fine Arts Society, and Qatar Cultural Visual Arts Center.

The village is home to Qatar’s elite minds, and it holds all aspects of entertainment. In addition to the events that Katara hosts, such as the opera Aida, as well as the Katara Art Forum, and many more.


Visiting Katara is extremely rewarding, it is an amazing locale to educate oneself on matters of art, and it is also an amazing place to entertain and enjoy one’s time. Katara also holds an array of various cafes, restaurants, and bars.

To learn more about Katara; their process of admission, and their upcoming events, visit their online website.

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