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The Difference Between Backpackers, Glampackers, & Flashpackers

There exists several manners at which a person is able to travel, some individuals travel light, others pack up herds of clothing and personal belongings even if it is a matter of days. Well basically we did our research, and we narrowed it down onto three types of travelers. By travelers today we do not mean individuals traveling for business or work, what we mean by traveler, is a person planning to explore a culture different than their own.


Backpackers, are the most common traveler we tend to recurrently hear about, a backpacker is usually an individual who is relatively young, considered an independent traveler, roaming on a budget, with limited accommodation resources that fit into their budget, a backpacker reveals the social significance of getting lost and learning. Backpackers are usually individuals who tend to have close contact with locals, and are relatively unimpressed with mass tourism, however curious to learn of the ins and outs of locals in the area they are travelling.

Glampackers are the individuals who do not travel light, who travel according to commercial recommendations, and who tend to be the most benefit to tourist attractions, and commonplace accommodation. Glampackers, are individuals who enjoy luxury travel, they are the niche that would pack up their elaborate outfits, day by day, to perfectly compliment their Instagram profile, and head on to explore the main tourist attractions of the cities they are travelling to.

Flashpackers, is the last type of traveler, a flashpacker is an individual who merges the mystery and excitement that a backpacker encounters, along with the comfort that is allotted to a glampacker. A Flashpacker is also an independent traveler, with exactly the same purpose of a backpacker, with the purpose to explore local culture, and to indulge in the simplest, and the most complex forms of culture found within a city. A flashpacker is basically a backpacker minus the backpack, plus a heavier wallet.


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