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How To Integrate More Fruits & Vegetables Into Your Diet

Vegetables and fruits are one of these things we always need to include more of in our diets. We tend to always have the tendency to relieve our tiresome days with comfort food.  However what we keep skipping is usually one of the most important things our bodies should intake.

A healthy diet does not only include a set of balanced meals, fruits and vegetables should be one of the basic pillars of our diet. The problem is how do we integrate fruits and vegetables into our daily diets? Today we’re giving out a few tips, on how to create a healthier lifestyle, while managing to take in as many fruits and vegetables as one can.

  • Substitute milk and cereal, with yogurt mixed with fruits. Depending on your preference in flavors, add in some strawberries, avocado, cherries, berries, bananas, peaches, or prunes, into some yogurt, and using a blender, make sure the mix is smooth and the fruits are broken down, one can add cereal for garnish, or honey to compliment the fruity tastes.
  • Introduce soup, as a daily appetizer. Instead of having hefty deep fried mozzarella sticks, or garlic bread loaded with butter and cheese, opt for a vegetable soup, such as spinach soup, or a carrot or tomato soup.
  • Substitute junk food with fresh fruits of your liking, instead of having a chocolate bar, opt for some good candy.
  • Include a daily quota of fruits into your diet, and have them as snacks during the day instead of chocolate, chips, or crackers.
  • Include vegetables as a side dish onto your meals, this can be done easily by preparing a large amount of seasoned vegetables, and cooking them, and then reheating them on a day to day basis, and including them as a side dish to your meals.

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