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Everything You Need To Know About The Happiest 5K On The Planet

If you happen to be visiting Doha this week, you just have to check out the event happening on January the 9th. Two days from now, Fitness First, or Sahataka Awalan have organized what people have been calling the “happiest 5k on the planet.

color run

Six thousand people will be able to take this run, and it will include a massive splash of color event. During the marathon, and every fifteen minutes, a countdown will induce a massive festival of colors, in the air, playfully and joyfully making everything around turn colorful.

color run 2

The event site will open at seven fifteen in the morning, people are invited to arrive the earliest possible, after having registered for the marathon, and purchased their marathon kits. Rebook’s Les Mills will open the start chute. The closing time for the start chute will be at nine fifteen, people arriving later than nine fifteen will not be admitted into the festival.

color run 3

This event will take place at Qatar National  Convention Center, and is a major happiness parade, of individuals who run for health, fitness, youth, and energy. At the finish line a post run festival will take place, with a massive play of colors, and festive bright hues. To learn more about the color run, visit their website, as the places are limited, and only six thousand individuals will be admitted.

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