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The Banana Island In Qatar, What To Expect

When you think of a holiday destination, the first thing which comes to mind is comfort, luxury, pampering, wellness, and most of all fun! When you’re in Qatar, an ideal getaway is able to cater to your most complicated needs; this locale is called Banana Island.

Located 20 minutes away from the heart of Qatar’s capital, a pleasant ferry ride accompanies you on your quest to the island. The Banana Island is a resort, where one can indulge in a pleasant relaxing stay. It consists of 140 rooms, suites, and villas, all with a premium sea view.

The island is just the right place to relax, it includes a state of the art spa, with diverse treatment methods, such as a Turkish Hamam, Moroccan Baths, and even an in-room service that guarantees you are pampered without the need to even walk to the spa, in addition, the resort includes a wellness center, treating guests to personal comfort management, providing relaxation classes, yoga, detox, weight management, and fitness classes.

There is a huge number of restaurants one can indulge in such as Riva for Italian cuisine, Al Nahham for fresh Mediterranean food, Zest for organic eating, Ted’s for an all-American burger. To opt for a more extended experience, spend the afternoon at the Exotic Tanzerin Beach Grill, or by at The Lagoon Pool Bar, one can even enjoy an exotic cocktail at the Q Lounge.

The Banana Island is an amazing place to stay it is also in close proximity to The Museum of Islamic Art, The Mathaf Museum for Modern Art, Katara’s Cultural Village, and many more shopping and entertainment destinations. Keep in mind that the resort also provides scuba diving, and snorkeling classes, so if you’re in for an adventure Banana Island is definitely the place to be.

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