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Men’s Gift Guide Part II

Today, we have rounded up another list for you, to guide you through purchasing presents for the men in your life. So, you probably have checked out our gift guide for men, however today we will bring you alternative options, for gifts you can give. You always want to buy an impressive gift, but it is also very hard to give men a present, given that they tend to be less concerned by their own aesthetics.

Perfume is a fine gift, but it isn’t an amazing gift. When you think about a person you want to give them something personal, something they can make use of, something they enjoy handling or wearing or using.

The below list consists of four items we absolutely adore, gifts our male friends have certified as awesome presents.

Bulbul watch:

This watch is probably the prettiest thing anyone can wear out there, so to the man disconcerted with labels, this is practically the perfect gift. Unbranded with a clean design and perfect shape that looks sleek and sassy on a person’s wrist, this watch is an absolute marvel. Bulbul is designed by a Danish brand. You can check out their collection on Bulbul’s website. 



For the boy who loves building, a perfect item is in store, the Abgemahnt is an awesome side table with numerous practical uses, and with an amazing minimal, and adjustable design. It really wins on our list of neatly designed products. This table is designed to be easily movable. It is designed by the artist Nils Holger Moorman.


Mounted Backboards:

In plenty of recently designed places I have been noticing this trend coming more and more to life when it comes to interior design. The concept is a board with holes in it, where you are able to add compartments and organize your items and things. This allows your wall storage to become dynamic. It is designed by Navid Akbarnejad.

glance_1 glance_4

Aluminum Pencil Case:

If you are buying a present for the tech savvy friend, then the perfect present is the aluminum pencil case. Designed to fit apple’s new apple pen, the aluminum pen comes in different hues of silver, and gold. It is an amazing gift, it is chic, it is durable, and it is well designed.

alum_pencil_case_2 alum_pencil_case_1

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