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What To Do When Visiting The West Bay in Qatar

When you first Google Qatar, the first images at sight are the images of Qatar’s famous West Bay. It is the majestic location with countless tall and mighty towers, with beautiful urban designs, and architecture with splendid grandeur. First and foremost if you are staying in Doha’s west bay, then you are in for the best quality of life one can have if living in Doha.

The avenue has a marvelous skyline resembling those of New York, or Paris. The West Bay’s skyline of towers and skyscrapers has made quite in impression.

So, when staying in West Bay the below few tips will guarantee that you make the most of your stay in Qatar’s most modern streets. When visiting one should go sightseeing, and indulge in the brilliant landmark buildings and towers, of which is the award winning Burj Qatar. Burj Qatar has a beautiful manner in manifesting light from daytime to nighttime, projecting wonderful lights in the evening.

The second thing one should frequently visit in the West Bay, is the park found in it, called Sheraton Park, this place is absolutely amazing for an afternoon coffee, or juice, or for an after school hang out. The place is beautifully landscaped, and definitely a must visit.

Also, we should keep in mind that Souk Waqif, the hotel chain we discussed in our previous article, is also located in the West Bay, and is a definite must visit. You, can here read our article on Doha’s Souk Waqif.

Another activity one can indulge in when in Doha is a promenade along the coast of West Bay. A gorgeous, several kilometer long cornich, loaded with fruit vendors, and coffee shops.

Also you should keep in mind to try the karak, which is a mixture of spices including cinnamon, cardamom, sugar, and milk; it is a signature drink in Doha.

Qatar’s West Bay is the most happening place to be around, it is a more down to earth place, however it is also majestic with a huge grandeur, definitely a must see location in Qatar.

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