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Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

So basically we can all agree that the gender, for which it is hardest to bring gifts, is the less prone to aesthetics gender. It is men; hence we decided to put together a gift guide to help you narrow down the choices. The below gifts, are all handpicked, and curated by designers, who have an edge for great product design.

We hope you enjoy what we have rounded up on our list.

We all love music, and there is no better gift than one that entices the senses, and creates the memory of the giver, to the receiver. So the first gift we have for you is The Sound of Power Mono-Maniacal Speakers. This product showcases high profile political figures, into sculptures with speakers on their heads. For more information about this product check out the sound of power website. 




If you want to give a gift to an engineer, a product designer, an architect or so, then the perfect gift would be to purchase this set of wrenches, that are incredibly pretty to look at and so well designed. See more of the product Wrench Aesthetics on the schneidersarto website. 

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If you want to give a gift to someone with some empty, kitchen, or bathroom, or even bedroom or living room wall space, then the perfect gift would be the Schmintank Vanity Bar and Cabinet; designed to look good as good a beauty cabinet, as well as a mini bar, and cabinet. It is also very practical and pretty to look at.  Shop the vanity cabinet here. 

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If you happen to be giving a gift to a creative, then the nicest and most memorable gift on the market right now is the Pen Uno the Minimal All Aluminum Pen. What a gorgeous product! This one actually is a good gift for absolutely everyone, because the colors also range from gold, to pink gold, midnight grey, and silver. Check it out on the enso website.

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