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Serial, A Must Hear Podcast

A friend of mine went to pick me up from work, while on the road heading to our destination; he played a narrative podcast, one that I ended up recommending to everyone. The story is about a teenager, called Adnan Saiid, who at 17 years old was convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee.

The podcast consists of the documentation, of a reporter’s research, and investigation of the case of Adnan Saiid, and Hae Min Lee. The podcast to date consists of two seasons, with twelve episodes released for season one and one episode released for the second season.

What I found most interesting about this podcast is the narrative style used, along with the lively recording of phone calls, attorneys, opinionated characters, and the testimonials used to add to the dynamicity of this podcast documentary.

I thought while I was told that this is a brilliant narrative podcast that no way would it be the equivalent of a film series. However I came to realize that not only does it sound amazingly alive, rich, and real; it also happened to contribute, and create an amazing ability for the listener to visualize the identities of the characters involved in the story, and allow the listener to keep the sense of seeing up to their own device, and freedom.

You seldom feel such an intimate connection to a story, much like delving into a good book; this podcast induced a sense of focus as well as an amazing ability to enjoy an animated story, with so much talent.

The energy of this podcast elevated the suspense of the story, it managed to turn the narrative into one, which both questions, and presents a truly realistic case.  Serial is now featured on the apple store podcast application, or check out the Serial Website for more information on when and where this series airs.

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