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Max Factor & Pat McGrath, What To Love

Max Factor, is an extremely modern makeup brand that mostly every woman uses, or has a piece of in her purse. However we fail to recognize the ancient legacy of Max Factor, and how Max Factor the person has influenced the film world, as well as the fashion world.

Born in 1872, Max Factor was known for being “Hollywood’s Makeup Wizard”. His work radiated, and became famous, when he worked with the Actress Jean Harlow. He was the person who had died her hair platinum blonde. He then brought out the diva in her, and she was truly made famous due to her head of hair.

Factor, was known for using very bold schemes of oily, and dark lids, as well as lips. This was done for black and white films. As black and white imagery required strong contrast, and bold shading, and colors.

During the era at which the film world had started becoming a world of colorful imagery, Max Factor then created the pancake makeup base, which was used, to even out skin tones for colorful films. All the major film studios in Hollywood sent their starlets for grooming at the Max Factor Hollywood Make Up Studio, which opened its doors in 1937.

Factor’s Products revolutionized the acceptance of colored cosmetics for women during that age and time.

As you may know Max Factor’s creative design director, is now Pat McGrath. McGrath was born in London, to immigrant parents originally from Jamaica. McGrath’s breakthrough came with her work for minimalist Jil Sander, and the bold John Galiano. She became famous for her use of “latex petals on faces, as well as vinyl lips, and body paint powder.”

McGrath works mainly with her fingers rather than with brushes. She has done work for huge design houses, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Miumiu, Prada, and Comme Des Garcons.

What is so brilliant about Pat McGrath’s work is the fact that she has released makeup artistry from the framework of facial contouring, which we thinks damns the use of creativity in makeup.

Vogue called McGrath “The Most Influential Makeup Artist in The World”.

Max Factor’s Legacy, as well as McGrath’s modern unbound genius have recreated the fashion world’s tendencies for makeup and beauty, and have redefined the modern woman, with their creation of hues, colors, and innovative products.

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