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Street Food In Amsterdam, What To Expect

One of the things that best reflect a community is the food it eats. However, and very unfortunately, during my trip to Amsterdam I have come to discover that there is a series of street food, which are practically replicas of each other. Muntenplein, Rembrandplein, Spui, Rokin, and Dam Square are super saturated with these types of cuisine, and sadly barely any of them holds a personal recipe, or an element of culinary creativity in Amsterdam.

Below is the list of things to stay away from if you visit Amsterdam:

Pizza by the slice, or Italian pizzeria


Pizza is literally all over the place, no matter how you move all you will ever see within these commercial streets is kiosks and kiosks of pizza by the slice or of Italian Pizzerias.

Churros and waffles

Churos 2

Churros and waffles are also practically found on every street, if you are opting for a special waffle in Amsterdam then try the Stroopwaffles, they are a Dutch local specialty, and they are found in supermarkets, or at any grocery store or Albert Heijn.

Argentinean Steak

Argentenian Steak

There is an unexplainable surge in the amount of Argentinean steakhouses in Amsterdam. They are everywhere, and they are unpleasant. Poorly decorated, commercial, and uncreative, nothing about the listed things involves any creativity.

Fries in a cone

Fries in a cone

Now this one is something no one can ever deny! It’s French fries! These stores sell fries in a cone, adding layers of sauce onto the fry cone. This is a Belgian specialty that has made its way onto Amsterdam’s tourist scenes.


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