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A Collaboration To Wish For

So with our article remembering the icons of the past, we thought of today’s icons, and what their timeless style can do to the fashion world today. The individuals we selected are what we perceive as collaborative perfection.

All pioneers, and all radiating with success and brilliance, we bring this list to you with a series of art work, or a mood board that best defines the collaboration, and how we have pictured it in our heads. These people have really made an impression, at least to us, and we think that together they would come up with something truly groundbreaking.


Grace Jones

Iconic in the most amazing of ways, Grace Jones is a performance artists, known for her guts, and her outspoken open mind. She has made of herself one of the most daring fashion icons of the eighties. Sporting angular suits and cuts, and making her influential impression on the art world, and the fashion world at large.

Art Director:

John Galliano

When you say, daring in fashion, the first person that comes to mind is John Galliano, Galliano is known to be one of the more controversial character that the fashion world has seen. During his work for Dior, and other houses, Galliano was known to take design, onto another edge. Galliano did wonder’s designing the Oscar De La Renta Collection, following the death of the la De La Renta.

Photographed by:

Bill Cunningham

In the fashion world, this man is called the grandfather of street photography he is brilliant in so many ways. He has a gorgeous spirit he literally has an eye for perfect things, and for upcoming trends, photographing for the New York Times. If you are a resident of New York, and Bill Cunningham happened to take your photo, then trust me this is the best day of the year!

Dressed by:

Vivienne Westwood

She is a lady we all admire, and are fond of, she is a pioneer in British fashion, known for her labels white, gold, and red. She is innovative with an amazing eye for color, and texture.



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