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An Intro To Hello Ruby

Learning in the 21st century does not start in the classroom, it does not start in books, it does not start in one specific place. For a child to learn, the basic tool for a child’s acquaintance with their surroundings is sight. Vision is a child’s basic and most essential educational element. For a child to acquire knowledge, they develop identities for objects, and things around while at once understanding their functionality. Let’s face it, every single household in the world, no matter how sophisticated, or humble, contains a smart phone, or an Ipad, or a computer, or a radio, or a television set.

Today we want to discuss the essentiality of the integration of technology, coding, computers, and software, to children. Coding requires writing a language, and a language is best acquired during childhood. Children are more apt to learning languages, than adults. It requires children less time than adults to excel at a language.

Recently, I was very happy to learn of a new educational trend that has emerged in Finland with the program Hello Ruby. Hello Ruby consists of a program created to teach kids about computers, technology, and coding. The concept of e-learning and knowing how to interact with software is really important. Children are taught through this program to create tools which they can use for numerous reasons; reasons they are able to determine.

Hello Ruby.

Hello Ruby is a highly intelligent program that provides children with an opportunity to start creating the things they find essential to their lives. A child’s mind is creative; and providing children with an opportunity to learn something so advanced, and with such smart methods is really amazing.

Linda Liukas, the founder of Hello Ruby is a Code Academy Alumnus, she is also the founder of Rail Girls. Linda made the Hello Ruby debut via Kick Starter, the initial budget funding set for Hello Ruby was $10,000, and however within three and a half hours the project garnered a total of $380,000. The project is really impressive, and people from all corners of the world need such a program. It is actually much more needed in less opportune countries, rather than in highly developed countries.

We really hope Hello Ruby is taken everywhere. The Hello Ruby book that Linda Liukas published was translated into Korean, Swedish, English, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, and Finish! This program is in fact very recent, it was only launched in 2014, and is already appearing amazing!

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