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Givenchy Prisme Libre- Must Love

When we talk about the biggest names in fashion, a handful of designers pop into our head, and on top of practically everyone’s most longed for designer list, is of course the brand Givenchy. To give you a mild brief on the history of the fashion house; Hubert De Givenchy opened his fashion house at the age of twenty five, encouraged by Balenciaga, Hubert De Givenchy specialized in grandiose evening wear, as well as clothing that fit the new era of air travel. De Givenchy was closely associated with Audrey Hepburn, dressing her in an iconic and timeless fashion, for a number of feature films she performed in.

Hubert De Givenchy was truly an iconic figure in fashion; in 1956 Givenchy banned the press from entering the premises of his fashion show, exclaiming that “A fashion house is a laboratory that must preserve its own mystery.”  The house of Givenchy has also seen collaborations with houses such as Hovart, Lelong, Tiffany, and Venet.

Since we are discussing the wonderful design house, which we so adore! We have chosen one product from Givenchy’s make up line, which has made it to our Must Haves list!

This product makes for a true make up essential. It is called the Prisme Libre, it is a loose powder, consisting of four hues that blend in together, and provide for an exceptional radiance. Out of all the products we have been testing lately, this one has really stood out. It comes in four different shades, and is truly a perfect balance of color for your skin.

We really recommend this product to our readers; it is brilliant, soft, and radiant. It’s exactly what a girl would need in her purse to freshen up. This powder is really a form of innovation; it is a fresh, well designed, and very well packaged product. The Prisme Libre consists of four small squares each containing a different hue of powder, it is perforated inside these four containers, hence they blend in together, in such a beautiful way, to apply the product one can use the beautiful fluffy powder applicator found within the Prisme Libre.

If you try this product, and we truly encourage you too, since we were really impressed with it, let us know how you feel about its use, whether you’re unimpressed or utterly ecstatic about it as we are!

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