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Bouyouti, A FairyTale Escape

The perfume of roses, the vibrancy of rainbow colored flowers, the greenery and freshness of the trees, as well as the immaculate blue skies, are mere elements of the setting one selects when thinking about an escape to nature.

Whilst choosing a recreational locale, we constantly take into consideration a number of things: comfort, ambiance, service and location. At times we wish to go the literal extra mile for a state of the art experience. We definitively opt for destinations that are about more than mere comfort and ease. We wish to take off, delving into nature’s finest escapes.

If we wish to go away and even if for a brief day or two, we always aim to live the charm of a fairytale, to experience the magic we see in films, and exceptional facades. We always want to choose experiences over locations. In unique cases we choose places that provide an exceptional experience.

Bouyouti is one of these rare places where a location has transformed into an immaculate fairytale adorned with magic and charm. Where the glamour is not human infested, but is that of nature. Where the riches come from the fruits of land, where trees have befriended each other decades earlier, and flowers have kissed endless morning suns, and have thrown their perfume at us, their colors, their beauty. Bouyouti is a place where nights do not need candles, or lights, where midnight stars light up our skies.

When offered all these riches, we hence ensure that our vacation has ceased to be recreational; we then start feeling more like characters from a rustic Charles Dickens novel. We then create our own fairytale. A weekend getaway becomes part of a dream.

Bouyouti is a locale holding together the beauty of nature, along with the comfort of the Lebanese spirit, with an ever-existing charm, and a great deal of authenticity. A true escape! Originally the home of the Bazergi Family, the people of this household decided to expand their estate in the beautiful village of Deir Al Qamar. The family set of to build eight little huts serving as guesthouses for the visitors of Bouyouti.

The estate’s surroundings include 4,000 square meters of landscaped gardens. What differentiates Bouyouti from any other hotel in Lebanon is that the guests visiting do not stay in a generic hotel room, however the hotel gives an infatuating feel of a traditional Lebanese Home.

The Deir Al Qamar escape has also been know for being a getaway for yoga lovers, as the locale emits a feel of tranquility and a soothing escape to all of its visitors, as well as a sense of discovery, since every corner holds a different charm. It is Lebanon’s very own Tuscany. At any given time of year, Bouyouti is a must see, a place guaranteed to make you never want to leave.

Visit the Bouyouti website to learn more about their services.

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