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Nutella Cake in A Cup!

Nutella Cake In a Cup

Feeling drowsy during the winter season?! This three minute recipe will make your day! We all crave that beautiful Nutella sandwich, Nutella pita wrap, or even dive into the jar with a spoon! However this recipe will allow you to make, the juiciest fluffies Nutella cake from scratch and pronto!

All you need to have is:

Two table spoons of Nutella

One table spoon of self rising flour

One table spoon of cocoa powder

One table spoon of vegetable oil

A table spoon of sugar

A pinch of salt

One table spoon of milk

One tea spoon of vanilla extract

A scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The preparation is super simple, bring the contents to a mix inside the cup, until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

Slip the cup into the microwave for two minutes.

Once the cup is removed from the microwave oven, garnish the beautiful moist cake with ice cream, and indulge while warm!


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