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Bohemian Wear and Turbans


Bohemian Wear

With last year’s fiasco with baroque fashion wear, certain fashion houses such as Chloe, Tommy Hilfiger, and Etro have brought another style influence to the fashion industry. The Bohemian!

This is the trend to adore as it is both a means to comfort and an effortless look, from loose fit dresses, to denim over sized fabrics, as well as white and blue hues. Bohemian wear is both feminine and easy to wear, bohemian pieces of clothing usually do best with over accessorizing from long chain necklaces, to multiple hoop bracelets, and long feathered earrings, these accessories can help accentuate a bohemian flair.

Combine any bohemian piece with a pair of brown flat leather boots, and the outcome is sure to make heads turn!


We always need an excuse to wear a hat, whether at a wedding, or to the beach, we really only need another excuse to add this timeless accessory to our look. However one trend has emerged guaranteeing to satisfy our longing for head wear! Paper hats, berets, chapuchons, and fedora hats all adorn the heads of the trendy head wear lovers.

A new hat trend has graced the runways of Saint Laurent and Missoni, and this hat is not at all a conformity, this hat is a Turban! A turban is a piece of cloth spiraling and winding around into two directions to form a central knot, the turban is a folk culture piece, however designers have shifted the modern extravagant headpiece, into a simpler more practical form of head wear.
A simple modern look, accentuated with a turban is an essential must have, as it adds a definite elegance and sternity to an every day look. Paired with large stylized earrings, and worn with a hair up-do, braid, or loose waves! This is one of the trends we are most looking forward to this year!

We have to give it to you, turban and bohemian wear are like butter on bread, pair them correctly and you will be looking like a piece of heaven!

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