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On The Art of Cooking: The New York Times Cooking Application

The New York Times Cooking Application


The New York Times Cooking Application

With the pace at which we are moving with technology, we are constantly given the privilege of choosing among countless product and services. We now have lost the luxury of pre-decided comfort, and we are now leaping into an era where our comfort is dictated by the choices we make, choices that are overwhelming, yet comforting. So we read a few reviews about the New York Times Cooking Application, and given that we have quite an elaborate knack for cooking, we downloaded it and started scrolling for some well infused cooking ideas.



The application was downright awesome, it monitors your searches, and behavior, and suggests certain recipes for you. The user is also provided with a list of suggested collections for their taste. With filters allowing you to view vegetarian food, the latest recipes, cocktails, weekday food, gluten free, weekend projects, for two, one pot, and finally Times Classics.

The best part about the application is that one is able to browse all types of cuisines, from Italian, to Indian, to French, and even Lebanese cuisine. I highly recommend this application, it is available on the app store.

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