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Culinary Delights in The Heart of Mar Mikhael: The Workshop

The Workshop In Mar Mikhael

If there is one place to head to this Saturday night, it is definitely the new locale that has only recently opened in Beirut’s lively Mar Mikhael area: The Workshop.
The Workshop is a bistro-bar rebuilt from a traditional Lebanese home, into a locale for Beirut’s IT crowd, with a terrace adorned by a wonderful lights, wooden furniture and soft relaxing music.

The Workshop is a relevant name for the unique concept it offers; as the bistro/bar was built in a fashion similar to its own name. A place handcrafted with creativity and genuine teamwork. The staff at the workshop joined efforts to manufacture every single item of furniture, artwork, or decorative ornament found in the bistro.

Genuinely speaking, The Workshop is truly proving to have been a success to its founders and to the people who have invested their time, effort, energy, and creativity in this concept. People visiting The Workshop seem truly entertained, and ecstatic about their visits there. We have had the chance to visit recurrently, and the service was really exquisite, indulging guests with complimentary food, and a wonderful spirit of hospitality, and there aren’t truly many places where one feels so much at ease.

The place emits a feeling of true warmth and comfort. It is not only a “handmade” bistro, but also a locale that serves dishes guaranteed to make your taste buds long for more. Roy Badaro, and Sasha Abi Khalil are the key people behind this creative concept. Originally, working in the construction business, they have brought forth a new line of hospitality services into the Lebanese industry by building Dbayeh’s Blueberry Square, and investing in its very own café named Central Park. The second F&B project on the hands of Badaro and Abi Khalil is The Workshop. Creating a pleasant shift in this industry, they built a space that hosts individuals who appreciate great art in a creative ambiance, while enjoying a fine cuisine. The Workshop is the perfect spot for a romantic date, or a night out with friends.

The Workshop overall is a must visit! We really hope that you will enjoy it just as much as we have. To see more of The Workshop, and to hear about their latest events, follow The Workshop on Facebook.

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