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Parisian Delights In The Heart of Beirut: Prune

Prune Bistro

Known to be the city of love, lights, fashion, wine and great food; Paris has always satisfied our taste for great living. Prune, a French bistro in the heart of Mar Mkhael has become the little Paris for the Lebanese trendy food lovers. As you walk into Prune, the first thing you notice is the rustic and simple decor. With warm colors, great lighting and ambiance decorated with modern chandeliers dangling from the ceilings above, as well as the white rectangular and round marble tables. The restaurant is decorated by large steel vitrines, in which are stored colorful glass ornaments, plants, and wine bottles. Additionally, a long, grand staircase ads a romantic and baroque feel to the locale; with an overall industrial atmosphere, Prune hosts its visitor with warmth, great ambiance, and a welcoming smile.

Prune serves different specials and unique dishes on a daily basis. With a menu packed with variety, the sections on the menu include starters, salads, house specials, main dishes and steaks, mussels and fries, side dishes, as well as deserts.

One of the main dishes that are a must try is the risotto garnered with truffle oil, and foie gras. As the waiter approached our table to serve the dish, a heavenly smell graced the space, resulting in great anticipation for their signature food. The smell was not underrated, as we had our first taste of the dish, it’s rich fusion kept watering our taste buds, and enticing our senses.

Prune Bistro

Prune Bistro


The desert that left an impression was the “pain perdu” named “pain retrouvé” according to Prune. A recipe magically mouthwatering with an aroma that adds to the intensity of its taste. Leaving you yearning to trying it yet again. The balance of flavors, perfect sensation and balance of sweetness, and the aromatic sense that ensures indulgence. With an exquisite texture that leaves you anticipating each and every bite.

The staff at Prune gives great recommendations and explanation of their dishes. The waiters were very helpful recommending meals according to each individual’s taste. The chef’s creativity caters to its regular visitors through the different daily specials offered.

Overall the restaurant provides a memorable food experience, great service, and exuberant ambiance. A must visit at the heart of Mar Mkhael. This place will most definitely be on our weekly must visit list! A highly recommended culinary experience, we recommend reservations ahead of time and come on an empty stomach!

To learn more about the specialties at Prune, follow them on Prune’s Official Facebook Page.

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